Sound Gallery

Caudwell's Mill

The sheer variety of ambiences, textures, tones and rhythms on offer within this working mill is really quite stunning. I've been recording here with Paul Ratcliffe for quite some time and am yet to fully compile everything that I have captured. The main techniques I've been using have been a mid-side set-up to offer a mono perspective with variable stereo width and depth along with a pair of contact mics placed onto surfaces of the mill machinery. It's a fiddly approach to achieve but offers great variety across fourtracks including the ability to go into the fabric of the building and its machines or to enhance their depth and presence - "Into the Plansifters" is a good example of this approach with a little bit of blending along the way.

"Approaching the turbine" is particularly rich in this respect, using the same techniques but with an additional two tracks devoted to a pair of hydrophones lobbed into the river just after it has run its course through  the main turbine. About half a dozen gradually approaching perspectives are blended to make the journey to the main turbine at which the listener is submerged into the river where the pulsing heart of the mill is at its strongest before moving into the materials of the building and finally emerging back at the starting point of the journey. 

(There's an amazing variety of cake available in the cafe too though we are yet to try miking that up.)