Sound Gallery

Tyrley Locks

Tyrley Locks is on the Shropshire Union Canal, just outside Market Drayton and this particular stretch reaches down to Goldstone. It is one of the quietest areas to record in whilst also being very close to home. There is a long cutting on the canal where the sounds of traffic and aircraft are all but removed by the steeply sided landscape that shadows the towpath. Mid-side and contacts on the "Manhole" to allow that 'into the fabric' technique, DIY EM172s as a spaced pair on the Olympus  LS12 for "Into the Miscanthus Field". "Tyrley Locks" blends the sounds above (omnis) into the sounds within (contacts) including the canal (hydrophones). "Into the Hedge"  is a pair of DPA 4060s clipped inside a hedge on a pretty windy day. "Towpath" uses a pair of either DPAs or EM172s I honestly can't remember but that says something about the quality of those little DIY mics. Really, the DPAs are far superior but it all depends on what you are trying to record at the time but also how much expensive gear you want to lug around with you at the time.