Short Films

Here are links to several short short films by Wyn Mason with me providing composition, sound manipulation and improv. There's collaboration with Rob Smith on Trails and improvised bass clarinet by Rob Smith and Tom Jackson on Crossing.


Wyn on Combustion: "I remember driving around in my car in 2002/03, during the build up before the invasion of Iraq, with my blood boiling in rage each time I heard the intransigent voice of Jack Straw MP, the then Foreign Secretary, coming over the air waves, trying desperately to justify an illegal war. Combustion means 'to be consumed by fire', in this case consumed by anger at the blatant lies of politicians attempting to cover up the realities of Western greed over oil."

(2007, dur: 3 minutes) Director: Wyn Mason Sound & Music: Ben Challis

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Wyn on Crossing - fragments of a relationship: "The film is of a man and a woman who cross from one South Walian valley to the next, taking a short cut along a disused railway line. During the crossing they take time out from their normal, everyday routine to contemplate their lives. Viewers themselves are also invited to take a similar journey and possibly to consider if the characters were once a couple or even if they are indeed occupying the same time continuum. The film investigates a new method of filmmaking, where each scene is filmed four times: - moving images of the actors - still images of the actors - moving images of the location - still images of the location It is a script-free method, where, once this database is collected, the story is created in the edit. Our aim was to take a minimalist approach, stripping the story to only its bare essentials, and predominately using landscape photography to suggest the inner worlds/histories of the characters; creating maximum space for audience involvement. The music score is usually played live alongside the film."

(2008, duration: 22 minutes) Directors: Wyn Mason & Ian Wiblin Performers: Caroline Sabin & Gerald Tyler Composer: Ben Challis Musicians: Ben Challis (keyboards), Tom Jackson (bass clarinet) and Rob Smith (saxophone)

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Wyn on Trails: "A middle-aged man has lost his enthusiasm, he simply goes through the motions of living while something inside of him has frozen. On a visit to his aging parents in West Wales with his son he revisits old childhood haunts and begins to re-connect with a lost sense of wonder. A poetry-film featuring fragments of five poems by Paul Mason:

• Trails • Heartcase • Another River • The Water Diviner • Beneath Our Feet

The piece is unique in that the soundtrack (poetry, music and sound effects) is repeated in its entirity in the second half."

(2013, duration 25 minutes) Directed, photographed and edited by Wyn Mason Readings by Eddie Ladd & Paul Mason Music by Ben Challis & Rob Smith

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