Improv & Electronic

There will be more to add in here at some point - I have quite an archive of improvised performances that have started off for one purpose then been edited, processed and blended to become other things. It could be fun to share the highlights of some of these rather raw recordings but for now, here are several full freely improvised mainly electronic performances.

“Pulse” - live at Sonic Arts Wales in 2010 with Rob Smith. At that time we were working with these little drone generators housed in plastic lunch boxes. I was working with Audiomulch a lot at the same time and that’s pretty much all I used for this piece. I remember that shortly before we started Rob scribbled out a score for us to try and work with based on dynamic and textural changes we knew we could hit at key points. Wish I’d kept a copy, it was one step away from being on the back of a beer mat.

Pulse - SAW 2010

“Untitled” live at the Open Ear, Cardiff in 2008 with Rob Smith. Huge backdrop to this from a massively time stretched piano note - basically the piece lasted the length of the one sound if I remember. Rob was on soprano and percussion and I was working with the original prototype of the Octonic, known affectionately as the Benemin at the time. The other device is a phase generator that cycles a set of repeating notes that gradually shift in and out of phase with each other. Rhythms and motifs emerge and you can capture them on hold for a whole then let them carry on shifting out of phase until something else emerges. I still love this little generator and have created numerous adaptations since.

Open Ear 2008