Dance & Theatre

Examples of composed and performed material for dance-theatre work by Cardiff based Choreographer/Filmmaker Sean Tuan John. Most of the pieces for Sean have been created in collaboration with Rob Smith (also Cardiff based). Rob and I worked together on numerous projects and developed a very particular way of working where we would set up with all manner of acoustic instruments, synths, sound generators and DIY electronics. We would improvise for long periods, recording as much material as we could searching for those moments where something meaningful and appealing appeared to reach out. In improvised performance these moments can quickly move on towards contrasting textures and rhythms but with the recorded material we can return and find those fleeting moments and use them to seed longer composed works. When working with Sean we were able set up in the same space as the dancers where we could improvise and respond collectively. The examples here are from Happiness Repeats Itself and The Violence of Summer  with other works having included Antediluvian and Punishment.

Happiness Repeats Itself

Violence of Summer

Bombastic Dance Company    

In contrast to his often surreal (and sometimes quitedisturbing) Dance Theatre work, Sean has also acted as Artistic Director for a number of children's productions by Bombastic Dance Company and with some really imaginative outcomes combining dance, theatre, music and animation. Improvised and edited compositions from myself and Rob Smith again in the main here and with the same compositional approach of all of us occupying the same space, rehearsing and searching for ideas to take forward. Audio clips provided here but these productions are still live and touring with video and further details if you follow the links.


Bombastic Dance Company - The Magic Doors (Visit Bombastic Site)


Bombastic Dance Company - Mr Magik's House (Visit Bombastic Site)

Shoot Get Treasure Repeat

Extracts from the entr'actes to Geoff Moore's 2010 multimedia production of Mark Ravenhill's Shoot Get Treaure Repeat. "Mon 1st March-Sat 6th March 7.30pm Chapter Arts Centre,Cardiff. This epic collage of short plays explores the personal and political effect of war on modern life.The plays were written and performed in 2008 in numerous contexts and venues such as Edinburgh Traverse, Royal Court, National Theatre Studio, The Gate, and on Radio 3. This production is not only the Welsh premiere, but Mark Ravenhill has also contributed a new concluding epilogue, which is performed for the first time. Geoff Moore directs a large-cast, multimedia production, which incorporates the illuminations Chorus under the direction of Matthew Bailey. Please note:the performance is unsuitable for children or persons of a nervous disposition."