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A combination of music and sound design here. Much of this is in collaboration with Will Ashton whilst working together on a series of projects for Cardiff based indie game company Dojo Arcade "a new and exciting independent games development company and the winners of the Young Entrepreneur Award 2011". Dojo have just released Creature Battle Lab and it's now available from the Google Play store and Apple iTunes. There are several examples of music and sound in the Game Audio panel at the top of this page and here's a bit of context for each set of clips.

Dojo Arcade   

Dojo Arcade: Creature Battle Lab (2016)

" A 3D creature creation and real-time battling game filled with gene splicing and mixed up molecules! Creature battles play out in real-time, taking place in 27 beautiful 3D arenas Morph the shape of your creatures by blending between 60+ shapes Create your own creatures from scratch. 100% player controlled customisation with over 200 attachments to place on your creatures. Unlock and experiment with 64 different skills. Players can mix and match these abilities to find powerful combos and unique play styles."<

You'll find screenshots and quite a few example battle tracks - there were originally 9 arenas each of which had its own theme music with three versions; one for each round of a battle. There are lots more arenas now so the music is doubled up across different arenas within the game now. 

Dojo Arcade: SoulFinity (2013) A great game design but also one that had to go onto the back-burner whilst Dojo concentrated on CBL. 

"Soulfinity is a 3rd person puzzle/action game featuring characters from Ancient Greek mythology but set in the distant future. In the year 2394 Odysseus has been awoken by the Fates to embark on an epic journey to rid the world of the Titans. The Fates have also granted Odysseus a unique ability which will give him the power to overcome death itself. The theme of the game is about self sacrifice. The game's sacrifice mechanic allows players to create copies of their soul, and these souls can help the player if they have used their past life wisely. Instead of being punished for dying, Soulfinity encourages you to cleverly sacrifice yourself in order to help your future self upon resurrection."

Be warned that when you go to the page, 8 music loops will try and load up and play in sync, if they don't quite manage it, try reloading and running again as they should be cached by then. The music was by myself and Will Ashton and was a simple use of looped layers to create an adaptive soundtrack. Soul Finity is a puzzle game with the main character following a set path through open terrain solving puzzles. The music was arranged so that all 8 layers would be running but the volumes could be turned up and down to move through contrasting levels of tension and intensity. When you go to the page the volume levels will all be up so that's maximum -  leave them playing but turn the levels down on all but the top 2 or 3 drones, these were the bare bones that could be ticking over all the time. Add other layers in to increase tension as time ticks away then everything on full for heightened intensity. I'll port it over to work in Fmod and Unity at some point but at the time we managed all this just using standard Unity coding.

Dojo Arcade: Immune (2014) Promo music for proof of concept project for The Wellcome Trust.

"Immune is a highly stylised, 3D, fast-paced racing/shooter game for smartphones, tablets and PC. The game gives the player the ability to take control of white blood cells of the immune system to seek out and stop infections. Immune engages a wide audience and will teach players how the immune system defends us from infections. Immune focuses on white blood cell circulation through blood, seeking out infections. Players then enter the infected tissue or organs where they search and destroy their target pathogen."

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Little Old Lady Games   

Attack Kumquat was created by Little Old Lady Games but now appears to be owned by West Coast Software. LOL games was run by Dai Banner who is now one of the Directors of Wales Interactive. 

"The aim of Attack Kumquat! is to squash your kumquats (small orange type fruit). Start a chain reaction by manipulating the metal ball to react with the items you place. You can get an array of handy pickups to help you in your goal, including bombs, punchers, scaffolding, weights, trampolines, rope, scissors, cannons and magnets. Couple that with a variety of locations including the Arctic, Jungle and the Grand Canyon and you've got a fun juicy game which is a must to play (NB - Playing Attack Kumquat does not count as 1 of your recommended 5 a day).. Features: Fun Addictive Gameplay, 9 Unique Pick Ups - bombs, punchers, scaffolding, weights, trampolines, rope, scissors, cannons and magnets, 3 Episodes - 54 levels, Hours of Kumquat Squashing Mayhem."

You'll find screenshots to the game and a recording of the main title track which was created by myself and Rob Smith, the rest of the game's sound design was by me. Rob's band Iron Eye have recently released a reworking of Attack Kumquat - link coming soon!

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